Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cancer has lots of very famous Singers ,Actors, TV personalities, some sportsmen and some very famous World Leaders and Activists. Wow - Im Impressed
Cancer Birthdays - 22nd June - 22nd July
Lionel Messi - footballer - 24th June
Mike Tyson & Cheryl Cole - 30th June
July Cancerians
Princess Diane, Missy Elliot , Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd- 1st
Lyndsay Lohan, Peter Kay, Larry David - 2nd
Tom Cruise, Sabastian Vettlel (formula one racer) - 3rd
Bill Withers(song writer), Calvin Coolidge(US President), Fredo Santana(Rapper - 4th
Huey Lewis- 5th
50 Cents, Sylvester Stallone, George W Bush, Dalai Lama - 6th
Ringo Starr, Jeremy Kyle, Chris Anderson(Basketball) - 7th
Jaden Smith, Kevin Bacon, Anjelica Hudson - 8th
Tom Hanks, OJ Simpson, Coutney Love -9th
Jessica Simpson, Nikola Testa(scientist), Neil Tennant, Mary Buthune(civil rights leader) - 10th
Lil Kim, Yul Bremner, John Quincy Adams(US President), Giorgio Armani, Craig Charles - 11th
Bill Cosby, Brock Lesnar(Wrestler0,Anna Friel - 12th
Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Julius Caesar (THE REASON THIS MONTH IS CALLED JULY)- 13th
Gerald Ford (US President), Arianna Huffington (Entrepreneur),Rembrandt (Artist), Emily Pankhurst( Womans Liberation leader) - 14th
Ginger Rodgers, Gareth Bale(footballer) - 16th July
David Hasselhoff, Donald Sutherland, Angela Merkel ( Germany leader), Camilla Parker Bowles - 17th
Van Diesel, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Pauline Quirk, Nick Faldo (golfer)- 18th
Brian May (Guitarist) - 19th July
Ray Allen(Basketball), Natalie Wood, Diana Rigg, Wendy Richard - 20st
Robin Williams, Ernest Hemmingway, Cat Stevens, Ross Kemp- 21st
Selena Gomez, Danny Glover, Ben Foden- 22nd

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