Monday, 26 May 2014

My weekend - working with the legend Derek Acorah

Working in Londons Earl Court with Derek Acorah was busy, exciting and well worth it. I have been invited to do readings on his new website #psychicether and was doing on the spot readings this weekend with him and his lovely team.

Monday, 19 May 2014

I've been dying to share my news - but wanted to wait until it was all confirmed in writing. I was interviewed and asked to join a new BIG Tarot company #psychicether to be one of their regular Skype tarot readers. One of the CEO's were so ...impressed by my reading that they have additionally invited me down to launch of their new company along with #DerekAcorah at the Mind Body and Spirit event in London s Earl court. All expenses paid !!! I have been hand picked out of 100 people - only 2 of us selected. Also sponsoring the launch will be #NicoleScherzinger. V exciting!!
Maggie Tarot will still be my main business - but will also be nice to rub shoulders with the famous dudes out there also.
To book a reading with me please contact me on FB or via my website

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hi everyone, I know I have said I will put out my email newsletters to all my like minded buddies who have asked to join my emailing list - and I am getting round to it, but for the next few days I am going up to spend time with my mum in s...
unny Glasgow for her birthday - so bare with me. If you would like to be included in my email listing group please pm me your email address - I will be giving advice on Tarot, Angels, sporit guides, science and other juicy bits that have helped me loads along my spiritual path.
Love and Light


Friday, 9 May 2014

My new meditation CD is complete . The CD is an audio relaxation chill out experience. In this I talk you through how to re align your Chakras, which will make you feel more balanced and in control. Additionally for those who want in part 3... I take you to meet and connect with your spiritual guide or Angel , it different for all of us. Normally RRP at £10 promotional for this month £5 . Contact me for more details. P&P Will need to be added for those I can't see personally.I've had some help with design ... Thank you Delcious Design See More

dont be hard on yourself for not being in control of everything...heres why

I had a really interesting reading with a guy today who has been going through a difficult time. He is a wealthy guy , strong work ethics and has provided for his family for 25years. He is currently going through a divorce , nasty stuff for anyone!!! We did a session on grounding and Chakra re alignment as he told me that's what he needed most. When he was talking about where he was 5 years ago co...mpared to where he was now he said something really IMPORTANT. He said "I used to be in control of everything in life and now I am not in control of anything- I am lost" WOW .... That is a HUGE pressure and feels like a failing. CONTROL OF EVERYTHING EXTERNALLY AND NOW NOTHING!!!
My response " It is a total illusion that you have been in CONTROL with everything in your life up until now, we cannot possibly control ALL external influences - but what we can do is control how we deal with those external influences. This is were I come in to help!!! I give honest and accurate readings and suggest ways on how to deal with what is coming up for you!! I am experienced and highly trained in life management skills, some things can be sorted quicker than others, depending on the situation, but most things are manageable with some coaching, patience and empathy.Dont beat yourself up with the external things you cannot change - look realistically with the things y9ou can change,!!! Love and Light . Maggiexx

Monday, 5 May 2014

Manchester Mind ,Body and Soul exhibition 10th & 11th May

Hi all, people are now contacting me to book themselves in for a reading next weekend at the Mind, Body and Soul event in Manchester .I will be at stall 37 , if you want to have a reading with me and don't want to wait until I'm me on either my mobile ot email to pre book.Looking forward to connecting with you in person.
Maggie x