Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Introducing MONDAY HEALTH KICK BITE. If you like this please press like or comment -if you don't Il stop writing about it - simple.x
Every Monday I will be giving information on natural foods and how they can help with your and your families health. I've decided to eat better myself and so, I started researching which foods are best for me and how they affect my body and mind. Then I thought "Hey, if I find this information interesting and useful then perhaps you guys may also enjoy it".
So here's my first Monday BITE.

Keep Hormones in Harmony

If you suffer from those monthly issues such as painful heavy periods, bad mood swings or skin break outs - try eating every three hours to balance blood sugar to help with hormone and mood balancing. says nutritionist Dr Marilyn Greenville. Regulating blood sugars will also enhance concentration. Eating low fat protein such as chicken, eggs, tofu and fish along with slow releasing carbs like wholegrain pastas and rice, with dark green leafy salads. The leafy green salad will boost your magnesium levels which is good for your nervous system and hormones.
Any recipes for us all to try- which will make this combination yummy - will be gladly accepted and tried.

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