Thursday, 24 April 2014

Welcome to Tea break Tarot.
This is a reading I did for the lovely Linda recently - she has kindly given me permission to share.
Her question was -What's the future for my relationship?
I wont write the whole reading down as it was a 40minute Skype in depth reading, but here is a brief idea.
This is the traditional celtic cross spread....
The first card at the centre of the spread represents Linda - it shows the Queen of wands upside down. covered by the High Priestess. I could tell her she was not acting as her vocal self recently and not trusting her knowledge and intuition. The rocky stage of the relationship was in her past and it appeared that the relationship was now very strong. A tying of bonds and a healthy future for the relationship that bonds them together for a long time to come. Marriage was also indicated, but some trouble from his son and an ex wife. Linda told me that she really wanted to tell her partner bout her wish to marry but feared rejection.
I focussed on her blocks using my intuition...I was able to see that she should be writing down her emotions and not flood him with gushy words that never seem to come out right, I also felt he was the kind of man that found it difficult with female emotion. She confirmed that he is a Capricorn and she had taken to writing him love letters to express herself over the years as he needed to digest information in his own time, but she hadn't written to him about her strong wish for marriage as she thought he'd run a mile!!! I gave her a to do list highlighting all the blocks in their way presently and solutions to over come them, based on lots of other details from her reading. Linda went away a happier woman. Her niggling problem had be clarified and she felt more confident to moving forward in practical way without fear of upsetting what they already cherished.
Linda paid for a £35 reading. If you feel I could be of help to you please visit my website on

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