Thursday, 10 April 2014

After 2 days of training this week, I have been writing lists of things to follow up. My 9year old saw me and decided he wanted to write a list too...but a list about people who have annoyed him recently!!!I tried to encourage him to write about the things and people that made him happy instead - but he insisted - so I let him follow his own path. As he wrote his list he got more and more angry about his version of why people that had wronged him. I then asked him how he felt - his response "Angry, stupid, unpopular" I then insisted that he write a list of good things that had happened to him this week - it took a bit longer and I had to guide him a little, but to his credit he managed a good list. I asked him how he felt now - after he stopped laughing about something he remembered someone had said this week - his response was "I feel happy and I do have some good friends"
My morale :
"Well son , focus on the good things in life, change what you can change and learn from the less nice things in life".

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