Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Control the changes in your life and be prepared for the changes you cannot control

I have been successfully reading Tarot for over 20years which not only foretells your future but identifies barriers in why we keep making the same mistakes or just get stuck on certain areas in life despite our best efforts. I've always been fascinated in all things spiritual since experiencing strong intuition and picking up on energies around me from a very early age. Through out my life I've made it my hobby and my life long passion to learn, experience and enjoy the benefits of using other useful tools which I have personally tried and tested with successful results like: Feng Shui, Chakra realignment, meditation, visualisation, Angel connections/writing, crystals and developing intuition, affirmations and more. It has also been a great pleasure to pass on my knowledge and teach other people how to use these skills to bring about positive changes in their lives and its fun!!!
I decided a while ago to have a career change from my 16 years of service in Local Authorities as a children and family worker, in which I  supported people in making positive changes in their lives, through various techniques in which I am qualified in delivering. Although I love working with and helping people and saw some amazing results in my work, I was frustrated in this position because -I knew I could help even more if only I was allowed to guide them spiritually as well. I wanted my working life to fit around my family, which is my other passion in life and I've had the desire to have my own business for many years, but like we all experience, fear of change held me back. I decided to ask the Tarot, the Universe and my spiritual guides for affirmation in choosing the right path. It came to me loud and clear whilst writing my first Tarot book "Inside Tarot" and my website, when I saw a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly sat amongst my bright yellow daffodils in the month of February. Both the daffodils by my front door and the butterfly were out too early. As butterflies are the universal sign of transformation - I knew I was on the right path with my Tarot and teaching business.
Life is about changes, it is better that you are aware of them to prepare for the changes we can't control and empowering to be in control of the changes in life that we can control.
If you think I can help you take control of your life or if you just want to know what is ahead of you, please connect with me either by signing up for my bi monthly newsletter, by booking a session with me or by joining my group sessions on Learning to read Tarot / enhance the power of intuition/ meditation and realignment of Chakras. I am here to help. Hope to speak to you soon.
Love and Light
Maggie xx

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