Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Love area in Fen Shui
Your love area is situated at the furthest right hand corner of your home. Remember the areas are dictated from the starting point which is either your front door or the door in which you use ALL t...he time to enter your home. Needless to say this area should symbolise love with colours of pink for tenderness, red for passion and white for purity. I hang lots of clear crystals and have a rose quartz candle holder here. Obviously things in pairs are a good idea. I once went into home to work with a single female who was depressed as her husband had left her some years ago and she had no luck at all with any other relation ships. She is an attractive, well educated, funny woman in great shape. She did work very long hours but was ready for a loving relation ship. We did some work around acceptance of herself and lowering her expectations on the superficial "ideal man" who ever that is?? But most importantly she had a huge, beautiful canvas on her wall of a very sad looking female single female sitting curled up in a foetal position in her love area. OMG !!!! This was bad news - I tried to convince her to take it down -- and replace it with "the Lovers" or something vibrant and exciting - but she held a special fondness for this canvas as it was the last thing her husband had bought her!!! What was the subliminal message there??? She would not take it down and the last I spoke to her she is current single and has all but given up hope. So make sure you display the right messages you want to convey in this area - symbols of pairs , love hearts, two people entwined, etc. Do not put water in this area as it will cause tears. It is not always easy to accommodate this - I myself have a large fridge freezer in this area - not great- but Ive tried to offset this by putting love heart magnets and pictures of my husband and myself looking happy here. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions - I love to hear them. Maggie x See More

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