Monday, 8 September 2014

Career -new job or promotion
Use a yellow candle for this spell - preferably a yellow Beeswax candle as it produces negative ions in the air - which means it purifies the air around your home naturally. Great for a new beginning. If you want to use essential oils - cinnamon or Jasmine is great to have in a saucer next to your candle. It is best to light your candle on a Thursday - for money increase or a Sunday - which is the day for business and career. Put this candle in your career area (see last weeks Feng Shui tip on career area) in your home or your office if you work from home. Have a pen and paper handy. Whilst you watch the candle burn visualize what sort of job you would like to do. Think about your skills - are you a good communicator, do you need to around the kids, are you the organizer - play to your strengths. Now imagine how this will realistically fit in with your personal life style and why you want to achieve it for more money - more recognition or because your job is boring and you want to be more creative.Write down any ideas that come to you in which you can achieve your goals. It could be more training, reading up on chosen job or looking in the right job search.Do this ritual every day on the same day - either a Sunday or a Thursday for one whole calendar month. Good Luck Mx

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