Friday, 9 May 2014

dont be hard on yourself for not being in control of everything...heres why

I had a really interesting reading with a guy today who has been going through a difficult time. He is a wealthy guy , strong work ethics and has provided for his family for 25years. He is currently going through a divorce , nasty stuff for anyone!!! We did a session on grounding and Chakra re alignment as he told me that's what he needed most. When he was talking about where he was 5 years ago co...mpared to where he was now he said something really IMPORTANT. He said "I used to be in control of everything in life and now I am not in control of anything- I am lost" WOW .... That is a HUGE pressure and feels like a failing. CONTROL OF EVERYTHING EXTERNALLY AND NOW NOTHING!!!
My response " It is a total illusion that you have been in CONTROL with everything in your life up until now, we cannot possibly control ALL external influences - but what we can do is control how we deal with those external influences. This is were I come in to help!!! I give honest and accurate readings and suggest ways on how to deal with what is coming up for you!! I am experienced and highly trained in life management skills, some things can be sorted quicker than others, depending on the situation, but most things are manageable with some coaching, patience and empathy.Dont beat yourself up with the external things you cannot change - look realistically with the things y9ou can change,!!! Love and Light . Maggiexx

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