Saturday, 18 October 2014

I have pulled this extract from a Wicca website. Included this because I use the parking spell all the time - except I ask my Angels 
"Please Angels can you find me a space " It works everytime. I now have my mum, children and many friends using the Parking spell.

Start by reading Is Magic Real if you haven’t already.
You need to come away with at least the tentative hope that, in fact, witchcraft is real. You need to suspend your disbelief long enough to give yourself a fair chance. As far as I know, anyone can do witchcraft, with the exception of those who are mentally incompetent, intoxicated or those too young or too old to focus their will effectively. White witchcraft, above all else, is about focus—not just mental focus but your entire Being.

But seriously, I often give the following Wicca for beginner spells to acolytes to help get their astral feet wet, so to speak. The first two came to me from a totally non-magical source years ago. I was taking a car trip by myself; and as is my habit, listening to books on tape. The one I had in the player was about the ways of successful people. I don’t remember much about the course but that at one point the author strongly recommended visualization and belief to get what one wanted.

The first example was about waking up at a specific time without an alarm clock. I remember thinking that anybody can do that, it’s not magic, not witchcraft, just a fact that we’re not completely unconscious when we sleep—far from it, in fact.

The other two examples, however, were from the author’s wife. This, I thought, was a completely different story. This involved external reality. The author may not have been aware of it but his wife was probably a bit of a white witch, at least. Lucky him. I still use both witchcraft spells and include them here to give your innate abilities a warm up.

The first one involves the everyday frustration of finding a parking place. The first time I used the spell I decided to give it a real test and try to use it on the worst place I knew to park, outside my NIA yoga/dance class. It was typical to have to park blocks away in this busy downtown area.

The spell is simplicity itself. No tools, ingredients, witchcraft symbols, or invocation prayers are needed, though you can add anything you like if it helps your focus.

Always remember: whether you think you can or can't, you're right. This goes triple for spells and witchcraft.

Simply visualize the parking space you want and know that you will have it. When you get there it will usually be free. The trick is to invoke the white magic spell at least an hour before you arrive. If you pull up and have forgotten to cast the spell you can’t expect a Buick or Toyota to levitate out of the way, though it will often happen that a car will pull out just as you pull up if the spell is working well and you planned ahead.

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